Fundamentals of Sustainable Design

The fashion industry general operates under the linear ‘take-make-dispose’ model[1]. Resources are finite, and need to be treated as such. In addition to shifts towards renewable energy, ending the use of toxic materials, a circular economy ‘designs out’ waste. Borrowing the concept that a circular economy avoids the “dispose” part of the lifecycle, it can be applied in looping the end-of-life stage with the ‘new purchase’ by the next customer. The narrative has been changed; the linear cycle has become more circular.  No longer are products simply cast-aside or thrown out, products are cycled back in. Although it would not be possible to change the original product (reduce the toxic chemicals and use renewable energy in the creation of the garment), what we can effect is the end-of-life scenario.  Not only is a garment potentially saved from the landfill, it also means that all of the resources used to create an additional garment are saved as well.  

The Bridesmaid Dress sharing website, MisMatched Maids, is an online shopping platform connecting bridesmaids to their second-hand bridesmaid dresses, as well as also a community to share wedding day experiences, photos, styling tips, and local recommendations. The site will have an in-house free stylist available to help curate the perfect look for the bridesmaid group. It is in style to have the bridesmaids wear their own unique, coordinated dresses. This way, a bridesmaid is able to express her individual style, and she can pick a dress that will be form flattering. No need to try and fit a range of body types into the same garment. And brides can ensure that their wedding party will have a truly one of a kind look.


There is a whitespace opportunity in the market for bridesmaids that want to purchase second-hand bridesmaid dresses from a chic, cool site for both economic and environmental reasons. A bridesmaid dress has usually been worn only once or twice, and would makes sense to resell. The concept is also on trend, as more and more brides want to make sure their wedding day is unique. The site can satisfy a social need of interaction and story-telling, as prospective sellers will form relationships and offer their photos, personal stories, and advice to prospective buyers. The site can help promote mending garments as well as eco-friendly garment care and washing instructions.