Practice of Sustainable Design




Course Description

"How do we actively design to create truly sustainable results? In this course students examine this question and apply leading-edge practice methods for innovative sustainable and regenerative design solutions. Recommended for novice and veteran designers and innovators alike, this course explores the theoretical frameworks, green standards, and practice techniques used by leading sustainable designers, thinkers, and architects. The design methods applied in this studio course fit any discipline at any scale, from the smallest object to the most complex system. Through studio projects and exercises, students learn to integrate the theory of sustainable design frameworks into their practices (i.e., systems thinking, life-cycle analysis, material health, green standards, eco-labels, supply chain topics, etc.)."

-MCAD Course Description

Project Description

Early in the program I attempted to define sustainable apparel. Revisiting the project now, after the completion of my thesis, I noticed that the definition of sustainable apparel I created was heavily influenced by how sustainable apparel was approached in today's retail market. Ultimately, I was not able to capture a full lifecycle definition, but the foundations of this project motivated me to take another attempt to define sustainable fashion for my thesis project.