Thesis Summary

The fashion industry spans the globe employing millions of workers and using large amounts of non-renewable resources and energy, ultimately polluting water systems, soil, and air. Sustainable fashion is a segment of the fashion industry that was founded to combat the negative impacts of fashion but is not clearly defined, creating a barrier to progress and change. To generate this definition of sustainable fashion, the author studied the design lifecycle and created mind maps for different processes across the supply chain. Each portion of the lifecycle contains leverage points, opportunities to create change. The leverage points were grouped together into categories to form the outline of the definition.

The author also researched existing guidelines, certifications, reports, and resources to ensure the definition was comprehensive.The concluding definition of sustainable fashion addresses the full lifecycle in understandable language and terms. The definition approaches sustainability from a global perspective distilling it to its essence. This definition of sustainable fashion is aspirational as it defines the ideal standard for true sustainability.