Copy of Fundamentals of Sustainable Design




Course Description

"In this foundational course students are introduced to hands-on and holistic approaches to sustainability. This course covers current sustainability frameworks, principles, and materials assessments, as well as the history and logic behind them, providing students with useful research tools to apply to the ever-changing demands of sustainable design, business, development, and policy-making."

-MCAD Sustainable Design Blog

Project Description

The Bridesmaid Dress sharing website, MisMatched Maids, is an online shopping platform connecting bridesmaids to their second-hand bridesmaid dresses and a community to share wedding day experiences and local recommendations. There is a whitespace opportunity in the market for bridesmaids that want to purchase second-hand bridesmaid dresses from a chic, cool site for both economic and environmental reasons. The fashion industry general operates under the linear ‘take-make-dispose’ model. MisMatched Maids helps to close the loop in the bridesmaid dress industry, connecting the dresses with new owners to create a perpetual cycle.